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Transparent Glass paint is used for many types of colored glass applications. Translucent bar top glass is one use for coloring glass a  translucent color. Other uses of translucent glass are for room dividers where you do not want to actually see the detail of what is behind the glass, but only light, a silhouette or shadow. Glassprimer™ glass paint comes in opaque, translucent, and forsted.

Glassprimer™ GP083 Molecular Activator is what is used to make crystal clear transparent color back painted glass possible. GP083 Molecular Activator is a Glassprimer™ product for pre treating any glass surface so a 2 part urethane paint can be applied with permanent adhesion. Wath this video for live instructions on how easy this product is to use.

After pre-treating your glass with GP083 molecular activator, the best paint to use on the glass for great crystal clear color results is HOUSE OF KOLORS, KOSMIC KIOLOR URETHANE ENAMELS. This 2 part urethane paint is crystal clear, yet is tinted with a color. Once applied to glass, this keeps your glass clear but makes your glass have a color.

Transparent Glass paint


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