Glassprimerâ„¢ About Transparent Glass paint

Glassprimer™ products all perform on a molecular level. GPPP083 self priming glass paint and GP083 glass surface molecular activator both perform a glass surface molecular modification for permanent bonding. As simple as glass seems, it is a very unusual sub-strait compared to most. Glass attracts atmospheric moisture, has expansion and contraction properties and is extremely non porous. Glassprimer™ technolgy takes glass to another level, changing its inherent, hard to work with surface properties. Glassprimer™ uses nanotechnology to achieve its permanent bonding results. Today, Glassprimer™ has made back painting glass easy, with one steps permanent bonding glass paint. Glassprimer™ has also introduced the GP083 glass surface molecular activator that allows most urethane coating to bond with permanent results to glass.

Do you have a specific paint, self adhesive, or tape that you would like to bond to glass with permanent properties?

If so, then GP083 is your answer, Just pre-treat the glass surface with this revolutionary product (spray the GP083 onto the surface of the glass with a spray bottle, and wipe it off with a clean paper towel) and then apply your urethane, acrylic urethane, or polyurethane paint, self adhesive, or tape. Now you have achieved a permanent bond. (some coating take up to 4 weeks to achieve a permanent bond)


Transparent Glass paint


Glassprimer™ Glass Paint
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